Monday, July 06, 2009

Not always what they seem

Yesterday, as the sun's rays were angling down, and the day wasn't so hot anymore, I found myself alone, still cleaning the van, as I'd been doing for, oh, the past two hours. The adolescent who didn't want to cooperate was asleep in his bed, the daughter was with a friend, and the husband had just woken up to go fishing with the boys.

Yes, you read right. I was washing the car, while the husband was sleeping and fishing.

Now let me explain why there is nothing wrong with this picture.

The husband spent the whole night working on some project they had him working on at the Yellow Pages. Then he sort of dosed for an hour and a half before the second son's third soccer game of a tournament he was in. The husband is the team manager, so he has to be around to take care of certain things. We got back at around 2:30 or 3:00, and the husband went straight to bed.

The husband got up to go fishing because the second son really wanted to go. Not because he really felt like it at the moment. He was doing it for his son's pleasure.

I actually don't mind cleaning out the car. I put the radio on, and I get to think, it's mindless work, so I can think all I want. Plus I got the van clean the way I wanted it. No half-job there.

The husband left with the two youngest.

Let me repeat that so it is clear. The husband left with the two youngest. (Fanfare/applause/drumroll)

I was almost done. I took the daughter and her friend out for ice-cream all by ourselves when we were done. There is nothing better than eating ice-cream on a cool evening after a hot day, especially when you are already feeling good about a job well done.