Sunday, June 28, 2009

Discussions at mass

At mass today:

Nicky: Where's Jesus?
Me: Over there in the front. The bread becomes Jesus.
Nicky: Where?
Me: Over there on that big table in the front, it's called an altar.
Nicky: Where?
Me: It's the bread on the table, Jesus turns the bread into himself so we can eat him.
Nicky: Eat Jesus? But we will kill him.
Me: No, we can eat Jesus because he makes the bread become his body, so we can eat him without killing him.
Nicky: Why?
Me: Ummmm, so he can be our spiritual food.
Nicky: But we will kill him.
Me: No we won't that's what is cool about it, Jesus turns the bread into his body so we can eat him, but without killing him.
Nicky: That's not cool, that's AWESOME.