Monday, May 11, 2009

He did it again

As often happens on weekends, I found myself wondering once again, how I was going to make it to mass with my children. Maryssa had a game in Saint-Lambert (Longueuil - just on the South Shore of Montreal) at 10 in the morning. She had to be there for 9:30.

Could there be no worse time to have a game? Unless you're lucky enough to google a Church right next door to the soccer game with a mass right before or right after, 8:30 mass is too late and 11:00 mass is too early.

Jean-Alexandre had a game at home at 2:00 pm (had to be there for 1:30). So mass in Montreal at 12:00 would have been cutting it really close. (Ending at 1:00 and with a 30 minute drive back home)

At exactly 10:45 am, Maryssa's soccer game was winding up, and suddenly I heard church bells ringing. I hadn't seen it through the trees, but at the other end of the park, across the road was a Church, calling the faithful to 11:00 mass. Maryssa's game ended at 10:55. By then I had most of the folding chairs in the car, and the other kids were already walking towards the end of the park.

But get this. It was a cold wet day. We had a shelter for Maryssa's team. Playing just after us was a boys' team from the same club. They didn't have a shelter. So, since we weren't going anywhere for about an hour, we left ours with them. Worked out pretty well for everyone.

God is definitely on my side. He WANTS me to be able to get to mass.