Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama approves EMRYONIC stem cell research

Adult stem cell research, which has proven effective and useful in the treatment of many ailments to date, was already approved and was supported by Bush. Embryonic stem cell reasearch on the other hand, is unethical, and to date, has offered no results.


In a nutshell:

CBC’s reporter Paul Hunter misleads Canadians re EMBRYONIC stem cell research
Written by Joel Johannesen
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Either he’s stupid or he’s purposely lying to Canadians. Sadly this is the choice at CBC today, and at any of the left-wing media, which seem to have an agenda. And it’s important that we consider the ramifications of a taxpayer-funded state-owned news media which employs stupid and/or deceitful reporters and staff who seem to be leading an agenda and swaying opinions. This is my opinion.

After live coverage on the CBC of President Obama signing an executive order allowing federal funding for EMBRYONIC stem cell research, the socialism-reliant CBC’s reporter Paul Hunter repeatedly referred to it as funding for “stem cell research”, rather than “EMBRYONIC stem cell research”, the difference between which is precisely the point of this news item. (See the wording under his head on my screen capture). In fact it is the ONLY point of this news item. Federal funding has always been allowed for regular stem cell research—ADULT stem cell research. But Hunter purposely reported it as if that salient point didn’t exist. As if there is no difference between “EMBRYONIC stem cell research” and “stem cell research”. As if all or nearly all stem cell research generally had been all but banned under President Bush, but has now been freed by The Great Obama who, unlike George Bush, believes in science. This is a transparent effort to influence the thinking of Canadians, as I see it.

And it’s a lie.
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