Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Sometimes I feel like there are very few sane people left in this world... When insane people can get away with insanity there is a big problem in our society.

Of course these are exceptions. After all, insanity is normally the exception. Most people don't murder, most people don't rape, most people don't swindle huge sums of money. And when they do, if they get caught, they see justice.

The problem comes when the exceptions can get away with their insanity, completely endorsed by the government, and nothing can be done about it.

Something definitely needs to be done about this. When you are part of an oppressed group, and you fight for your rights or freedoms or whatever, and win them, does it make you a better person to then turn around and start oppressing anyone who is not a part of your group, regardless of their personal views, which may not even be opposed in any way to your group in the first place?