Saturday, February 07, 2009


Heard the morning people on Chom this morning talking about Suleman. Calling her stupid and the doctors as well.

Now I don't expect everyone to understand about people believing that their embryos are already human beings that deserve life, but could they at least bring out the whole story and try to understand another person's point of view? The way they talked, for one, there was no mention of the embryos already being there, only that she decides to go and have all these kids when she already had 6. Apparently, there were less than 8 embryos, and she was only expecting one to survive. Eight babies resulted because of fertility hormones and replication of embryos, so some of these babies are identical twins or even triplets.

Again, the mother was not going to purposely abort the babies, so what could she do? If she really can't care for all of them, I am sure that many people would be very happy not to have to go to China to adopt. If she does keep them all, she has the support of her parents, and hopefully friends as well.

What I heard on the radio though, is that she hired a publicist who was trying to get Oprah Winfrey to pay her a couple million for an interview. I have to agree, if this is REALLY the case, that was a dumb move.

But gosh, I hate it when people go nuts like that over other people's decisions to have children. First, IT IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. Second, when having a lot of children is something deemed "disgusting" then there is something wrong with the world. Third, if they think that all she wanted was celebrity, then WHY ARE THEY GIVING IT TO HER? Just shut up and leave her alone!!!

If it is unethical to have a lot of children, it should be equally unethical to have no children. As long as some people are having a lot of people, it just balances out those who aren't having any! Someone else's kids are going to have to pay for their pension eventually!

Just my two cents worth.