Saturday, February 07, 2009

Special interest groups

You know what I don't like about special interests groups, as compared to generalized human rights groups? When a special interest group gets too much power, they tend to forget everyone else and focus only on their own rights. They forget that other groups of people have rights too, and they start to see these other groups of people as competition. If other groups of people have interests that conflict their own, for instance, they see their rights as being trampled on. In other words, no one other group may have "rights" that conflict with their own.

Didn't our mothers all teach us to share when we were children? Apparently not. Because today, many feminists view embryos and foetus's as competition. A foetus's right to life infringes on a woman's "right" live hers as she sees fit.

I guess some people's mothers forget to teach them that you have to live with the consequences of your acts as well. Because, in most cases, if there is a foetus present conflicting with your life plan, it is a result of your own actions. Except of course, in the case of rape. But seriously, we all know that the hundreds of thousands of abortion practiced in Canada are mostly not due to rape. In fact, pregnancy due to rape, while it does happen, is extremely rare.

Pregnancy is temporary. The child does come out after 9 months. And you don't even have to keep it. Because childless couples on endless waiting lists are eagerly waiting to adopt. So what's the problem? Really?

I guess our mothers did not teach us responsibility or being held accountable. Feminists play the victim. Women, real women are stronger than that. We can conquer anything if we want to.

Gay rights activist have fought long and hard for tolerance and equity in the workplace. Now that this is the law, they are not content with just tolerance, they want everyone to believe the same as them. They believe that what they do is natural, and equal to heterosexuality, and they want everyone to believe this and accept homosexuality as good. Anyone of a differing opinion is now suddenly trampling on their rights.

What about my right to bring up my own children the way I want, with christian values and morality? Noone else has the right to come and tell my children that I am wrong and that they must believe something else. Would they come and tell my kids to ignore me if I say to wait for marriage to have sex? Is that their right now? Why not just come and collect all the kids as they are born and bring them to some huge government institution where you can indoctrinate them all.

Nowhere is it written that in order to LIKE a person, you must APPROVE of everything they do. If that were true, noone would like anyone else.

What of my right to hold a DIFFERING opinion? Are we no longer allowed to think for ourselves in Canada? If I perceive certain behaviour as self-harmful, both physically and psychologically, is it not my right to bring up my children to avoid such behaviour, while still being kind and respectful of the persons? I don't go around preaching to all the people who are living together without being married. I'd have to preach at myself for having been rather mistaken.

There are certain things I have learned the hard way, that I happen to think many people have just not realized. If I want to spare my children the same hardship, it is entirely within my rights to teach them to behave differently.

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