Wednesday, February 04, 2009

British Environmental Advisor Backs Population Control, Two Kids Per Family

How's that for a fricken idiot? Has he checked the birth rate in the UK recently? In 2007 it was 1.90 kids, just under 2 kids per woman. In 2008, it went down to 1.66 per woman. That's already quite a bit less than 2 kids per woman.

If a few rare people are having more than two kids, it only balances out the many more that aren't having kids at all... I hate it when people say stupid things, hoping the rest of us are stupid enough to believe anything.

Maybe, just maybe, the current economic problems are due in part to the DECLINE of the birthrate? Did he ever think about that? Maybe, just maybe, all those OLDER people not working anymore, but needing to be supported by a constantly declining younger population is causing part of the problem? Did he ever think of that? Maybe, just maybe, if you criminalize women (like China does) for having more than 2 children, the birth rate will be then so low, (because of all the women STILL not having any) that it won't be able to support HIM when his turn comes to retire. Did he ever think of THAT?