Friday, January 30, 2009

Save the Beluga Whales...

I think I signed on to this Care2 newsletter because they had something to do with human rights somewhere... but since then I have been receiving e-mails like the following:

Hello Jeanne,

Last week, the U.S. state of Alaska announced its plans to challenge the federal decision to protect Cook Inlet beluga whales under America's Endangered Species Act in court. America's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Fisheries Service declared the whales, with a population of roughly 300, an endangered species in October 2008.Express your disappointment by signing the petition letter to Alaska's Governor, Sarah Palin >>

The state of Alaska is well known for its amazing wildlife and stunning natural beauty. But scientists have determined that if nothing is done, these magnificent whales that may have once numbered as many as 1,300 are headed toward extinction.

You may recall Governor Sarah Palin's now-famous words, "Drill, baby drill!" spoken during during her 2008 vice presidential bid under Republican John McCain. Now, Governor Palin needs to hear from us that endangered animal species should come before state-specific projects and shipping port expansions! >>

Thank you,
Robyn E. Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

P.S. Looking for a little more background on this issue? Read about it on one of our new cause channels.

I have nothing against beluga whales, but I am getting tired of all the "save the whales" and "save the dogs" and "save the whatevers". Maybe when we start caring about all those dying human babies, I might find it within me to care for dying whales again.