Saturday, January 24, 2009

My rant on the The Abortion Law

... or rather, the lack of one. Oh and on arguing with people who must always be right, no matter what...

I got myself into some political discussion this morning. Not because I wanted to. I didn't. Political discussions with said person don,t always go over so well. He made a comment, more than one in fact, and eventually, instead of pretending I hear nothing I had to add my two-cents worth. It started off with Harper being compared to Bush. As in he wants to go to war. A quick reminder to the person that the LIBERAL governement sent the Canadian soldiers to Afghanistan in the first place.

So he made some comment about comments Harper has made about how Israel should be able to attack anyone they please.

Ummm, yeah... that is most likely the telephone game version of Harper saying "Israel should be able to defend itself" which is a common conservative view. One that I don't necessarily agree or disagree with. But I've been into that already.

We got on the subject of Obama (the saviour, whoohooo), and I had to mention that Obama, as perfect as he masy seem, IS in favour of partial-birth abortion, and I went on to describe what partial-birth abortion is: the sticking of a pair of scissors into the skull of an only partly delivered baby (body still inside mother, because otherwise it would be murder...), and the draining of the brain through a tube, in order to kill it. I told him BUSH made it illegal, and OBAMA wants to bring it back.

And he didn't believe me. He didn't believe that such a thing existed, let alone that Obama wanted to bring it back. In fact, it couldn't exist, said he, "because according to the law, you can't have an abortion after 4 months."

According to the law? BWAHHH HA HA HA!

What law?

In the States, as in Canada, there is no law limiting abortion. You can have an abortion until 9 months and noone can say a word.

He still didn't believe me. I insisted. He finally told me I was just getting it off those extremist sites of mine.

Oh how I love to be called an extremist.

"Oh, but I'm not calling YOU an extremist."

Yeah. OK. WHATever. Hanging out with "extremists", believing the same thing as "extremists" referring to "extremist's" pages, that does not make me an extremist by association. You know what? Never mind... what I was just going to say was extremely rude. But I'm still thinking it.

Ok, so get this. Once I got the chance to go on the internet and look it up myself, I find abortion law in Canada on Wikipedia. And here is what Wikipedia has to say on the subject:

Abortion in Canada is not limited by the law. While some non-legal obstacles
exist, Canada is one of only a few nations with no legal restrictions on abortion. Regulations and accessibility varies between provinces.

Polls continue to show that a majority of Canadians believe abortion should remain
legal in some circumstances (see Opinion polls, below). Over 110,000 abortions are performed in Canada every year, that represents a ratio of about 30 abortions to every 100 live births, one of the highest rates among developed countries.[1]

Not only that, but I also came across a beautiful article written by non other than the lovely EXTREMIST feminist Joyce Arthur herself and Carolyn Egan, entitled "We Don’t Need a Law Against Abortion" In their own words:
As the only democratic country in the world with no legal restrictions against abortion, Canada serves as a valuable model for other countries.

I beg to differ. I hardly see what the point is in being able to kill your 9 month old fetus when it could obviously survive very well outside the womb and when people are going all the way to China just to be able to adopt. They also say "Let’s be clear — There is absolutely no justification for regulating abortion via criminal or civil law. That is no “radical feminist” proposition, but one based on evidence, common sense, and the widely-accepted belief that women deserve equality."

No of course not, neither radical, nor feminist.

You know what the problem with special interest groups is? The problem is they become so jealous of their perceived rights that any rights for any other group are viewed as an infringement on their own rights. We must never EVER give in to giving a fetus rights, because THAT would take away women's rights. Heck, men's rights are also becoming an issue thanks to feminism. Didn't anyone ever teach these people how to share?

But I digress. I printed out the Wikipedia and Joyce Arthur/Carolyn Egan articles, and I asked said person, "Is Wikipedia normally an extremist site?"


"Then listen to this..." And I read it to him.

Oh, but all of sudden, Wikipedia is no longer a suitable source because "Anyone can just go and write whatever in wikipedia."

Ok, so how about this article from Joyce Arthur herself, entitled, "We don't need an Abortion law."

"They don't need one."

The thing I love about the right-wing people (dare I say extremists?) is how they are so FRICKEN CONSISTENT. Here we go from "There is no way that partial-birth abortion can exist because according to the law you can't have an abortion after 4 months." to "They don't need an abortion law."

Yep. And I'm the extremist. I'm the one who doesn't know what she's talking about. I'm the one who just gobs in info from doubtful sources.

I suppose now, if we go back to Obama and parital-birth abortion he will now admit that partial-birth abortion is absolutely acceptable. Just because joyce Arthur said so.