Sunday, January 11, 2009

Enjoying the COLDER winter

According to this interesting (albeit sometimes confusing) article:, we are now at the end of an interglaciation period of an ice age. The period when the ice cover recedes. Any time between now and the next 800-1000 years, we should be entering the next ice age, and glaciation period. And when this happens, the temperatures will drop rapidly within a few years only.

That, to me, is more scary than the whole global warming conspiracy. I would much rather live on a warm planet than an extremely cold one.

This also refutes the whole idea of global warming, as this whole warming up and cooling down and warming up again as already happened, a number of times, in fairly recent history... if the global warming "experts" cared to look at the evidence...

I, for one, am enjoying this year's COLDER winter, having more days to skate on the pond, not having to jump on right away before it melts.... I was getting tired of mild winters.