Thursday, December 04, 2008

OK Canada, let's be honest, shall we?

The real issue hiding behind the coalition to take out our newly elected government is NOT the economy, regardless of what the NDP, Liberals and BQ may say. It is not, either, an issue of Canadian Unity. Well, maybe, off-handedly in an indirect sort-of-way for the BQ, since an instable, weak, Federal government tends to make Québecers more open to sovereignty. But really, let's be honest here. The real reason that the NDP and the liberals have formed a coalition and the BQ is supporting them, is neither the economy nor the indirect result such a coalition might have on quebecers. The real reason behind this coalition is the simple fact that liberal-minded people CANNOT STOMACHE THE FACT THAT CANADA ELECTED A CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT ONCE AGAIN.

The three left-wing parties have been after the one right-wing party over and over and over. They don't let them do this, they won't let them do that, they've been threatening over and over to do this during the last mandate. After two years of this, we go to vote again, and lo and behold, canadians actually DARE vote for conservative yet again!!! Have they not learned their lesson? Don't they know how bad a conservative government is for them? If they don't know better, we, the liberal-minded people must free them from their ignorant ways, do the unthinkable, create a coalition in order to bring about the first coup d'état in the history of Canada. This has been in the works since the elections, they have been waiting to pounce on any reason to act. It has nothing to do with democracy or what is better for Canada.

The truth is, most Canadians are neither right nor left, but somewhere in between. If conservatives win some of the time, and liberals win some of the time, it is because eventually, people will switch over to get what is missing.

Given time, power would naturally come back to the liberals, once the conservatives had done what we elected them for, and we started to find that they were being, perhaps, a bit too conservative to our taste. And when we tire of the liberals again, it'll be back to the conservatives. History, people... it's been happening over and over since the birth of our country. Or hadn't you read? Can you remember that far back? Sure Chrétien was in power a long time with the liberals, but come one, surely you can remember farther than him?

No, liberals cannot stomache that conservatives could win a second time. Surely, they must have thought that victory was in the bag for liberals. Had it been an NDP victory or a Liberal victory, or heck even a Green Party victory, the other would have accepted it. But no, it was a conservative victory again and it is beyond them how that could have happened. So they are willing to forget such differences as unity of Canada vs sovereignty of Québec in order to fight the the common leftist cause.

A successful coalition coup d'état will certainly mean imminent elections once again. A coalition government would only be temporary. We would be back to the voting stations in no time. And this time, I hope, Canadians would vote in a MAJORITY conservative government, just to spite the silly coalition. That would shut them up. And then they would be able to actually govern.