Friday, November 28, 2008

Take back Our Schools

Here's a little something that worries me...

I have homosexual friends. Not that many, one or two... and a few more that I have lost touch with. I have no problem with tolerance.

However, since I don't believe that the homosexual lifestyle is a very healthy one, either physically or psychologically, and that is independant of whether or not the rest of us are tolerant, I am not for promoting it.

What you do, in (or out) of your bed, and with whom is your business, not mine, not my children's. Keep it there. It is said, if something offends, then you have only to walk on by, or turn it off. This is the argument used by many who lobby, from homosexual activists to pro-life groups. If you don't want to see homosexual acts, you turn off the tv, you don't buy the books, you don't go to the bars... If you don't want to see photos of dead, aborted babies, you turn your head as you walk past the pro-life signs. Simple right?

Except when you put homosexuality into school. Are you telling me the kids will refuse to read the curriculum, ignore the messages, walk away? I may have homosexual friends, I may be "tolerant", (and tolerant is such a poor word for that, if I only "tolerate" something, or someone, it doesn't imply liking them much does it?) but I still believe that homosexuality is a disorder. Whether psychological or genetical, or both, that remains to be seen. I don't just tolerate my homosexual friends, I hurt for them. Even if they do not hurt themselves, even if they would scorn that hurt.

For me, promoting homsoexuality as a normal, alternative lifestyle is much the same as promoting schitzophrenia or bi-polar disorder as a completely normal lifestyle. Except that a homosexual is capable of functioning in society. To a point. The ones I know are perfectly capable people, the angry, violent ones that attack people who don't agree with them, (as in California these past weeks), I have my doubts about. Also the tendancy to want to become a freak show, and/or be really "in your face", I have a problem with that. If you want to dress weird at home, or in gay bars, that's your call, but even a hetero girl with a tendancy towards fetish shoes and outfits doesn't wear them to work. Not that all gays do. But I'm just saying, if you're out in public, in broad daylight, well, "when in Rome do as the romans do".

So you may not agree with me. That wouldn't be a surprise. It's politically incorrect to suggest that homosexuality is anything but normal. It's also politically incorrect to suggest that people can be cured of it, (even though some have been, and help exists for those who look for it - although not all cases have been successful) because that would imply that homosexuality is something one should be cured of.

You may not agree with me, you may even scorn me, call me ignorant or even call me homophobe, (which would be irrational, since I am neither afraid of homosexuals nor afraid of becoming one, and like I said, I've had homosexual friends, which means I actually liked the people), but it is my opinion, I have my reasons for believing that way and evidence to back it up, and last time I checked, I still had moral responsibility for bringing up my children the way I see fit. When the state starts interfering in how we bring up our children, by indoctrinating them on only one side of controversial matters well, that's an invitation for us to pull our kids right out of school. If at least they provided rational arguments from the other side, it wouldn't be so bad, isn't that the point of education, to teach kids to have an open mind? The public school system is becoming a tool for government to use to get to children and influence them away from their parents' beliefs. They're doing it with religion in Québec especially, and everywhere else too. They're doing it with abortion too. It is politically incorrect to be pro-life. Pro-life groups are being banned from universities, (so much for keeping an open mind in education), it is practically criminal to be pro-life. How ironic. Yeah, they bring up abortion in public schools too, and of course they talk about it as if there were no other point of view other than the pro-choice point of view.

Eventually, society as a whole will simply crumble, the way the Roman Empire did, and the Greek empire before it, and the Persian one before that... and the Egyptian one before it. Things will get so bad, that there simply won't be any way for them to get worse. Then perhaps people will start to realize that strong families, make strong people which makes strong countries.

Check this out:

The B.C. school curriculum from k to 12 has been revised to present a favourable portrayal of homosexuality and the homosexual life style.

This was the result of the B.C. government giving two homosexual activists a legal, binding agreement to oversee and critique the revision of the school curriculum. Can you imagine only two persons receiving such an agreement? And it was all done in secret. No parents group or other organization was allowed to participate. Efforts to include parents in the revision have been refused by the Liberal B.C. government.

Is this the “new democratic way” of governing?

Our organization is formed to oppose and resist this revision of the school curriculum.

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