Monday, November 10, 2008

The most recent pinatas

This year, Dominic got lucky, he had two pinatas. The first was the best one, and we shared it with our American cyberbuddies when we went apple-picking near Albany NY.

Dominic and his raptor baby, just hatching..

The second one was supposed to be a red soccer ball, but unfortunately turned out looking something more like a brain... some alien brain...

Dominic hits the pinata at his birthday party

He did have fun running around with the broken pinata on his head afterwards, pretending to be Ironman.

Gabriel liked Dominic's first pinata so much, that he put forth his order, one just like it. I was a bit disappointed to be doing the same thing, so I asked him if he really wanted the same dinosaur or if he preferred a different one. To my relief, he said he wanted a triceratops instead.

Gabriel and his baby triceratops, just hatching.