Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas is in the Air

If the creative juices stirring in our houses are any sign, Christmas (and more imminently, Advent) is coming. I can't sit down anywhere and just DO anything, without one or more people sitting down beside me and wanting in on the project.

I really want my kids to be creative, honestly I do. But not when I am being creative! Because then I have to work around the child that insists apon sitting on my lap and "working" too. I have to fight for the scissors, I keep losing track of the glue, my paper selection dwindles rapidly and I start to get stressed out about people wrecking what I have done.

What I need is a proper art studio, with a high table/counter for me and a lower table for little hands to work at. No, wait, maybe a cage would be better? No no no,

Anyway, amid the mess of paper that accumulated in our office downstairs, the misplaced glue sticks, the battles for scissors, the jealously hording of my own private, personal, thou-shalt-not-touch-on-pain-of-death pens, there sprang forth the book I was working on as well as a number of other interesting, noteworthy creations. Such as this piece by Maryssa:

Besides all this creativity with paper, Maryssa and Gabriel both had to decorate mini christmas trees for their room after seeing me decorating wreaths that I want to donate for a silent auction at the school:

This is without mentioning the Christmas cards I have been designing and printing via and the desk calendars, and the wall calendar for my mother-in-law complete with pictures of the kids for each month, and the Christmas letters. And I still have some sewing to do!!

The tourtières are baked, and pumpkin pie too:

Next comes the flurry of baking cookies and making chocolates and other such things...

Have I ever mentioned I love this time of year?