Saturday, October 04, 2008

Vote Early and Often — At the Box Office

Let the Hollywood Left know what you think of them: see An American Carol.
By Frank J. Gaffney Jr.

It’s election season, so it is appropriate that an important vote will be cast this weekend. No, I am not talking about early balloting in Ohio or Oregon for the November presidential race. Rather, this vote is a national one — and it will be taking place at a theater near you.

This weekend, the returns will be tallied on box-office sales of the opening weekend of
An American Carol — a marvelously politically incorrect take-off on the timeless Dickensian morality tale. Set around the Fourth of July in contemporary America rather than a Victorian Yuletide, it has been created and directed by my friend, the zany and wildly successful David Zucker.

This Carol’s Scrooge character, played by Kevin Farley, is a dead-ringer for radical leftist filmmaker Michael Moore. The ghosts who visit him — including John F. Kennedy, George S. Patton, and George Washington — labor to teach their subject about the greatness of this country, the absurdity of the “Blame-America-First” Left’s toxic hatred for it and the opening the latter provides for Islamists bent on our destruction. Punctuated by trademark Zucker slapstick humor (his other credits include Airplane!, The Naked Gun, Scary Movie 3, and assorted sequels), the movie makes a deadly serious point: Everything is on the line in this War for the Free World and those of us who prize our freedoms will lose them if we fail to protect them against enemies foreign and domestic.
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For what it's worth, the mention of "the opening the latter provides for Islamists bent on our destruction" almost makes me NOT want to go see it, because as much as I think that the whole global warming thing is exaggerated, I also think the whole Islamist bent on destroying us thing is also exaggerated. For what it's worth, I think the majority of Islamists just want peace like the rest of us.

However, it would be nice to see the left get scorched for a change, instead of it always being the right. Either way, I always end up getting targeted. But at least this time I won't be targeted because of my faith...