Friday, October 10, 2008

On the Elections from United Mothers Inc

I) REAL Women: Key Pamphlet Comparing Conservative, NDP & Liberal Party Platforms

“You will note that we have not included the abortion issue in this pamphlet… Since none of the three major parties has seen fit to stand up for life, no comparison can be made on this issue.”

According to the REAL Women pamphlet, which two parties do you think support the defense of artistic merit for child pornography and the decriminalization of prostitution? (The Liberals and NDP) Which two parties call for the elimination of the "artistic merit" defense for child pornography? (The Conservatives [and CHP]) Which party supports the decriminalization of marijuana? (NDP)REAL Women has put together an informative pamphlet entitled “Strengthening Our Nation” which sets out the positions of the three major parties on the following current issues:

Safety, Law & Order
Non-Medical Use of Drugs
Child Pornography
Family Taxation
Child Care
Special Interest Funding

Take Action: Click on the link below to the "Strengthening Our Nation" pamphlet and read for yourself where the parties stand on key issues. Print off a copy for reference and share it with others!

PDF doc. Strengthening Our Nation (Election 2008)
Word doc. Strengthening Our Nation (Election 2008)

NOTE from REAL Women: “Because of space limitations, we were able to include only the policies of the three major parties that currently hold seats in the House of Commons.”

II) Christian Heritage Party Platform

As the above pamphlet does not include the views of the Christian Heritage Party, they are outlined below for comparison purposes.

Safety, Law & Order
Supports mandatory sentences. Does not support conditional sentences (sentences served at home). Plans to strengthen legislation on youth to make them more responsible for their criminal acts. Supports the repeal of C-68 (long gun registration), and would adopt the National Firearms Association’s ‘Practical Firearms Control System’ to train and licence law-abiding citizens to arm themselves to protect home and family.

Non-Medical Use of Drugs
Opposes decriminalization of marijuana. Supports funding for drug prevention and treatment services. Opposes drug injection sites. Takes tough approach to illicit drug use, marijuana grow-ops, and drug dealers. Would treat addiction as a medical problem and allow courts to order treatment. Would increase funding for treatment centres with highest success rates, such as Teen Challenge.

Child Pornography
Would eliminate “artistic merit” defense for possession of child pornography.

Opposed to physician-assisted suicide

Family Taxation
Supports elimination of all tax disadvantages to single-income families.

Child Care
Supports a “family friendly child care allowance” of $12,000 ($1,000 a month) for each family with children under 18 living at home, if one parent stays home to raise their children.

Supports present prostitution laws. Advocates much stiffer penalties for pimps and public exposure. Advocates compulsory rehabilitation for ‘Johns’.

Special Interest Funding
Supports elimination of special interest funding.

In addition the CHP has drafted a chart comparing Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Green, and CHP policy on a broader range of issues. Download a copy here:

III) Dig Deeper – Complete 2008 Election Party Platforms

Forget the commercials. Before you vote examine for yourself each party’s vision for Canada.

Green -
Liberal -
CHP - and
Conservative -

IV) Defend Traditional Marriage & Family: “Election Guide for Serious Christians”

Defend Traditional Marriage & Family, a Waterloo region pro-family group , has put together with Canada Family Action Coalition and Campaign Life Coalition an “Election Guide for Serious Christians.”

Print off a copy here:

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