Wednesday, October 01, 2008

From Real Women of Canada

So I guess, despite the refusal to debate on abortion, the only real option here is still the conservative party? At least they support family, including families where one parent stays home, and, it would seem, they are still the only ones left who'll protect religious freedom.

Federal Election 2008

The federal election campaign 2008 is winding down. We have just two weeks left before voting day on October 14th.

It has been a disappointing campaign for a number of reasons. The Liberal party under its leader, Stéphane Dion, appears to be in a meltdown, running third behind the NDP in both Quebec and British Columbia. The left is fragmented between the Liberals, NDP and the Green Party.

This leaves the Conservatives under Stephen Harper with the upper hand. He has, however, disappointed social conservatives with his adamant refusal to open the abortion debate. The reason for this is Quebec – in fact – it’s all about Quebec. BQ leader Gilles Duceppe, who is in danger of losing seats in his province, is using the scare tactics of the last two federal elections to attack Mr. Harper, claiming that the latter will bring in a law restricting abortion. Except for pockets around Quebec City, and some of the rural areas, the Bloc’s argument resonates in Quebec as it is still dominated by the secular elitist intelligentsia, mainly out of Montreal, who disdain the spiritual values of Quebec’s past.

Will Quebec change? The answer is yes, but unfortunately not in time for this election. Unfortunately the BQ, which is even further to the left of the NDP, will remain in the House of Commons in substantial numbers until the next election, because of its scare tactics on abortion and Mr. Harper’s cuts to "culture" funding, which also resonates well in Quebec.

In addition, as occurred in the last two federal elections, the pro-abortionists in English-speaking Canada were in the throes of organizing to raise the abortion issue to "scare" English-speaking voters again in the last weeks of the campaign, which was an effective method of deflecting votes from the Conservatives. Mr. Harper’s recent comments on abortion, however, has now cut the pro-abortionists off at the pass.

Although this explains Mr. Harper’s position on abortion and is perhaps even understandable under the circumstances, it does not make it easier for those of us who are pro-life.

This election, therefore, is a difficult one.

We are attaching our election pamphlet entitled, "Strengthening Our Nation" for distribution, which covers a wide range of election issues. It can be obtained in bulk from our national office and is available electronically on our web site (

I really, REALLY can't stand Duceppe anymore. I agree, it's ALL about Québec. You know, the ordinary québecers aren't so extremist. If the BQ is losing seats, um, maybe it is because it really DOESN'T have a purpose outside of separation. Because it really DOESN'T represent the common quebecer. I think it used to, before it got so lefty. To think that it was founded by people from Mulroney's conservative party. I hope the ADQ wins next election in Québec and rids us of those liberals forever too.