Friday, October 17, 2008

Decorating with Bows

For the crafty people:

Choose two rolls of ribbon with colours
that go well together, and a pipe-cleaner
to match:
Cut about 2 feet of ribbon (more or less
depending on the size of bow you want to
make) cut ends into a point (or you can
cut two points):

Fold over one end of ribbon:

Do the same for the other end:

Prepare second ribbon in the same

Place one bow on top of the other:

Place over pipe-cleaner and wrap
pipecleaner around both bows:

Wrap around twice and twist in back:

Fluff out bows. You can leave it like
this if desired:

... or you can tie some deocrations
to the middle, like this cone. Small
bells work well too, the dollar store
is full of things that can be tied on:

This is where my ribbon ended up,
above the mirror in my hair-salon,
the colours go well with autumn flowers too:

Have fun!