Saturday, October 04, 2008

Culture War at the Movies

Religulous vs An American Carol: (Bill O'Reilly)
(...) This week marks the opening of two highly charged movie comedies. The first, "Religulous," is a Borat-style journey starring Bill Maher that is designed to demonstrate that anyone who believes in God is a total moron. The second, "An American Carol," is a slapstick satire that pokes fun at the far left. Director David Zucker, who did the "Airplane" movies, mocks Michael Moore, Rosie O'Donnell and other liberal enthusiasts. Full disclosure: I have a small part in "Carol." (...)
(...) No question but that both movies are going to anger some folks. Maher in particular is a provocateur. Promoting his film on "The View," he told one of the women, a believer, that she should go to a mental hospital. Borat would be proud.
On the "Carol" front, more than a few people will be horrified that movie icon George Clooney is mocked. Talk about roping a sacred cow! Belittling God is one thing, but denigrating Clooney? Are there no limits to the madness?
It will be interesting to see which movie wins at the box office. Will the pagans score big? Or will the first conservative satire ever clobber the atheists? At this point, only God knows, with apologies to Mr. Maher.
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