Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who to vote for now?

Was browsing through Island Breezes and came across this:

From lifesite news:
In his strongest statements in support of unlimited abortion on demand in Canada, Prime Minister Harper today told reporters that his government would not only not open the abortion issue itself, but would prevent anyone else from raising it. 

Asked by a reporter if Harper could give assurances to pro-abortion groups, who are accusing the Conservatives of engineering a stealth pro-life campaign, Harper said that he could. 

"The answer is yes. This government will not open, will not permit anyone to open the abortion debate. Our position is clear," he said, speaking in French.
So now, the question is... who do I vote for?  The only real reason I had for voting conservative was because they were the only party left that wasn't a dictatorship when it comes to traditionally moral things.  I wasn't even voting pro-life there, because I doubt the candidate is pro-life.  I know the others aren't.  But now, even if the candidate is pro-life, there is no point in voting for him/her other than showing moral support because he/she won't be able to represent your common beliefs on the political scene anyway.  

Who do I vote for?  I won't vote Bloq, because Duceppe and all his ilk insult my intelligence.  If I am going to be labeled "bornée" I may as well act like it when it comes to them.  I won't vote NDP, because ummm.... they're a dictatorship and because they don't have a very good track record in management or in anything else I care about.  I won't vote liberal, because... gosh,... they're liberals... (yeah I know enlightened statement) and I won't vote Green (ha ha - the very idea), because I don't buy into the whole End of the World thing, and isn't that what they are all about?  So who is left?  Is there still time to become an independant candidate so I can vote for myself?