Saturday, September 06, 2008

So which is it? Ice increasing or ice decreasing?

This article pretty much says the opposite of one that I read recently in Lapresse about how ice is melting so fast, and things are getting worse. This one says ice has been increasing. So who speaks the truth?

Is it just me?

You know what? I don't give diddley anymore.

Ok, I won't promote pollution or anything, I recycle, I re-use (a heck of a lot more than most people - hey, I even wash ziploc bags and reuse'em), and I compost. IN FACT, in spite of the fact that we are supposedly suffocating the poor earth by having kids who are sucking in all its ressources, we STILL manage, with a family of 5 kids, to put out less garbage per week, than people with NO KIDS. Actually, quite often we don't even put out garbage, because the bin is just too empty for it to be worthwhile. WHAT'S MORE, we might even skip a couple of weeks IN A ROW. Not bad eh? I do this because I care about air quality, and water quality, and the quality of a lot of others things. Also, because I dislike the whole disposable mentality thing, and waste and whatnot. Because disposable doesn't stop at things, people become disposable too. And because the old adage "waste not, want not" still rings true.

But OH PEOPLE, get over the end of the world theory already... Ice ages come and go, colder periods come and go, hotter periods come and go. This has been happening since before the dinosaurs. Before there were people to pollute the earth. TIME TO WAKE UP!!! Maybe, JUST MAYBE, something else out there is in control of the climate!!! Like maybe the sun for instance!

Nah,... I bet it's aliens.