Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I hate fearmongering

I hate it when it comes from conservatives as per Mr. Obama's slip of the tongue about "my muslim Faith". Frankly, I couldn't care less what religion he's from, I wouldn't vote for him regardless, were I American, BECAUSE OF WHAT HE STANDS FOR, not because of the religion he claims to follow. And weren't these conservatives bashing the minister of his Church anyway, not too long ago? Like just because the minister of your church holds certain views, and you still go there, that means you must hold the same views? But then, when liberals bash Mrs Palin for her minister's views, that doesn't count?

I hate it when it comes from liberals, as per the fact that the conservative hopeful in the St-Hubert riding is a member of Opus Dei. This not only made the front page of LaPresse today, but exclusively filled the next two pages. Oh those poor liberals, how worried they are that someone from such a secretive, right-wing organisation is running for MP. Yes, this should worry all of us.

Last time I went to an Opus Dei function (which was actually not very long ago, just last month) everyone there seemed very mentally healthy, thank you very much, and noone was pushing torture or self-mortification. Do they honestly think this lady is going to be bringing up things like that? Gosh, I'd be much more worried about a muslim hopeful, the whole Sharia law thing seems to me rather more scary than optional, personal self-mortification. And I'm not worried about the muslim either, because, minus a few exceptions (there are always exceptions) I think most muslims came to Canada to GET AWAY from that, not to bring it here.

Now, I don't belong to Opus Dei, and Opus Dei is not my thing, but none of the people I know that go there, walk around with hushed whispers, keeping secrets, looking self-mortified, or mentally sick or whatever. For the most part, we talk, we laugh, we have fun. Amazingly enough, compared to some right-wing conservatives, some I know even LIKED Harry Potter and were organizing a Harry Potter HALLOWEEN party. That's right folks, Halloween... you know,.. the devil's feast? (Personally, I think Halloween is one of my favourite days.)

So could we just give up already on the fearmongering? Really, you insult my intelligence with such nonsense.