Wednesday, September 03, 2008

How to make a simple medieval dress

Came across this tutorial while looking for patterns for possible costumes:

This dress is based on simple shapes and uses remarkably little fabric. Most people can get the size they need out of 3m of a standard 60" wide fabric. Choose a decent linen or fine wool for accuracy, but the dress will also make up well in more fun fabrics such as velvet or furnishing brocade.

The pattern is based on fourteenth century examples excavated in Greenland and adapted very slightly for ease of manufacture.

I decided that before I tried it out on myself and Maryssa, I would wing it with a doll. Now, the doll I chose is arguably not the best option for trying out a pattern for humans because said doll has a very large neck and very little shoulder width. So I improvised a bit.

The next time I make one of these, the gores (triangular pieces in the skirt) will definitely be of a contrasting colour, at least the one down the front anyway.

Maryssa is sleeping with her doll (mine actually - her name is Matilda), and wants me to make matching dresses for herself and I.