Monday, September 29, 2008


Every year, the Soccer club Celtix du Haut-Richelieu has a "soirée méritas" or "merit evening", where it recognizes the efforts of players, teams, coaches and volunteers. This year, the club has grown so much that they decided to do a gala instead, with a brunch. They also divided up the teams into different categories; Masculine Juvenile A, Masculine Juvenile AA, Feminine Juvenile A, Feminine Juvenile AA, Senior AA and AAA. For each categorie, three people were nominated for the following prizes: "Gants d'Or" (Golden Gloves) for best goaler, "Défenseur d'Or" (Golden defense) for best defense, and "Souliers d'Or" (Golden Shoes) for best offense. For each team, there were also three people from the team nominated for the following prizes: Team spirit and Player of the Season. In each category, three teams were nominated for the prize Team of the Season. They also had prizes for the volunteer of the Season, Coach of the Season, Best Rookie Coach, Official of the Season (referees, linesmen etc) and Best Rookie Official.

Dominic was nominated for Best Defense. He was also nominated for Player of the Season. Unfortunately, He won neither prize, but still, we told him, it is an honour to have been nominated. Here are the three nominated for Player of the Season, the winner in the middle.

Both Maryssa's team and Jean-Alexandre's team were nominated for team of the season in their category. Jean-Alexandre's team, who won everything, their tournament, the championship, ending first place in the regular league, and the McDonald's Cup, was beat out by the U12M - A team who never lost a single game. Not even once. Jean-Alexandre's team tied a couple of times and lost twice. Maryssa's team did not get the prize either.

U14M-A Jean-Alexandre's team, with their Coach, who won Coach of the Season and their Manager/Assistant Coach. They presented a plaque with pictures of the whole team to thank their coach. He won't be coaching anymore. Their manager also made smaller copies for them all. That was really nice.