Saturday, August 02, 2008

Got class?

I was styling the hair of an older client today, for a wedding. She'd been to a different wedding two weeks ago. She told me she had been worried that she wasn't dressed up enough, but apparently, compared to others, she ended up being over-dressed.

This first wedding ended up being a civil wedding, all done at the bride's home, where the mother of the bride, who had paid to get all the papers/permission, was the one who conducted the wedding herself. So no need for a justice of the peace or judge or minister. Needless to say, my client found that a little strange. That's the first I've heard of anyone doing something like that myself.

Some people came in flip-flops and casual shorts, no more than what one would wear to the beach. The groom himself, was in black jeans. A very casual affair.

Basically, this is what you're telling us you think about marriage: "It's just a piece of paper." I've heard it said before too, but you don't even have to say it. It shows. Marriage is no big deal. It's a walk in the park. (Or a day on the beach in flip-flops).

Nothing has any value these days. It's in fashion to have no class, to be the "flower child" with "no cares". In the fifties, everyone had class, (mostly) even poor people. Today, few people have class. Most either dress sloppy, or dress trashy. What does that say about what they think about themselves?

My friend Pansy, from Pansy and Peony has been complaining about the baby-boomer generation and it's repercussions. They wanted to be fancy-free. They had children and then discovered that having children got in the way of their fancy-free lifestyle. So then they resented their children.

Having no class is just one more gift to society that this generation has bestowed on us. Fancy-free people don't care. Fancy-free people put no effort into anything. It shows in the way they dress, and in the way they un-parent. No wonder so many young people are so clueless. Noone ever took the pains to teach them how to live.

Some of us were lucky enough to have parents who went against the flow. Some of us still have class. Some of us have it in spite of our parents. Some of us are still teaching our own children to have class. How about you?

Got class?