Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Need a Change

Every year since we have been here, with the exception of one, we have bought passes for the Hot Air Balloon Festival here in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. This year was the 25th anniversary edition. Each year is a bit different, and this year had some new attractions too, but in spite of that, Jean-Alexandre went reluctantly and I have to admit that I was not as thrilled as other years to be going either. I am starting to ache for a change of scenery.

Marc took the kids on Monday (August 11) but didn't have the camera. We all went on Tuesday, along with a friend of Maryssa's. The balloons went up within a limited timespot, a storm was heading in from Montreal.

The girls got their faces painted, Nicolas did too, but his came off in the rain.

August 13, we went back again, with a friend of Gabriel's this time, and this time we came prepared for rain.

No balloons went up this day, because of turbulent systems, so we visited the luminarium instead, a structure on site that lets light through different coloured canvass... quite interesting.

And Nicolas and I got our faces painted.
August 15 was nice and sunny for a change. And the balloons had a 15 minute time space in which to go up. Only the smaller regular shaped balloons took off. The bigger ones didn't have time to blow up and leave.

However some of the bigger ones and some of the differently shaped ones stayed on the ground for a "Magical Night" afterwards.

I did have fun, but just so you know... next year I still want to go camping... or something... I want TO GET AWAY darn it! I've got an itchy foot!!!