Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What a clutter-hating house-wife yearns for

I have been dreaming, nay, YEARNING for oh, 2 years now at least, to turn this sadly utilised area of my kitchen into something much nicer, under which I could hide the recycling (maybe even the garbage); at which I could maybe sit and do some work, or if not, at least stand and do some work; and on which and over which I could store pencils, papers, journals, magazines, mail, bills to pay, cell phones, etc. In general, I would turn it into an organized catch-all, so that my countertop would be free to serve for what it was designed... as a place to, ahem, prepare and serve meals.

A woman gets really tired of always having to push stuff aside to prepare meals, or clear off the counter, move stuff temporarily, or just prepare it in the midst of the clutter. It's hard to keep a counter clean when it serves as a catch-all for countless papers, coupons, newspapers, toys and tools.

I got really excited when I saw this. It's the idea of having an office area in the kitchen. The shelves are a bit bland and utilitarian, and not what I would choose, but in general, what you see to the right is what I want to do.

Except that I would have nicer, black-brown shelves, maybe something like what is in Maryssa's room (except hers are pale-pine coloured). Mine would have to match the piece of furniture that serves both as a bar and a stand for the aquarium. And I wouldn't mind something with drawers underneath, something with a door behind which you'd have a drawer or a shelf that you can draw out, on (or in) which the recycling would go, hidden from view. And maybe the garbage too.

And I'd have small cubicle shelves of the same black-brown wood (or imitation wood) in which to store things like bills to pay, letters to answer, cell phones to charge, glue, stationary, pencils, crayons etc... etc.

It would be lovely... If only I had money... If only Marc would let me...

The above picture is Maryssa's room. I think the shelf (divided into three) above the bed would go really well in the black-brown in my kitchen.