Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sore Losers

Played the last game of the season for the adult recreational league tonight. We happened to play against the team that has a guy on it who, all three times we have played against them, has managed to really stand out.

In a bad way.

He thinks he's better than everyone else. He commands his team, tells them what to do, acts like he's really good, and then makes mistakes. He's not bad, he's a fairly good player, maybe even one of the better ones on his team, but he's nowhere near as good as he seems to think he is. And he plays rough. Noone likes to play against him because he doesn't seem to care if he hurts you or not.

One of the guys on my team got hurt. He couldn't stand up. People were going to carry him off the field, but then the referee blew twice. Half-time. So we just let him sit there to catch his breath and relax before getting off. Mister Big-shot started getting all excited and wanted us to get him off the field right away. No matter that people tried to explain to him (in English because he hasn't bothered to learn French yet apparently) that the referee just called half-time... even the referee tried talking some sense into him and told him to let us take care of our player... but he wouldn't shut up.

Mr Big-shot decides to be goalie in the second half. My team is practically rubbing their hands together at the idea of scoring goals on him. We score two early on, and Mr. Big-shot leaves the game. Stops playing. Gives up.

So, I'm walking to the car to get my wallet, to pay for beer afterwards. (Last game of the season remember-beer is obligatory.) And Mr. Big-shot and his friend are walking to their car together, which just happens to be parked next to mine. Said friend is listening to Mr. Big-shot complain the whole way. As they are getting in the car, Mr. Big-shot says to his friend, (cover your eyes), "Fucken white people!"

Yeah, Mr. Big-shot and his friend are black.

You know what? I didn't come out of there thinking "Fucken black people." I know too many good, decent black people to say something that stupid.

You know what Mr. Big-Shot? I'M RIGHT BESIDE YOU. I CAN HEAR YOU. I SPEAK ENGLISH. I'M WHITE. The problem isn't white people. The problem isn't black people either. The problem is "fucken" poor team spirit. Your friend? Good, decent player, with good team spirit, a pleasure to play against. You could learn a lesson from him. You? You need to come back down to earth and CHILL OUT.

And to think I'm going to lose sleep over some idiot like this... unbelievable...