Friday, July 04, 2008

I try to be green

So, I go to Tim Horton's yesterday, (because I'm Canadian eh?) for a coffee and a donut for Nicky. I order my coffee, and I have my re-fillable mug on the counter (because despite the fact that I am killing the earth by irresponsibly having too many kids, I am conscious of garbage and waste and whatnot and as I have mentioned before, I dis-like the disposable mentality of this disposable society, where people as well as things have become disposable and not much different from fast-food, to be consumed, forgotten and thrown out).

The girl asks me what size I want. So I lift up the mug, show it to her, and say "a large, it's a 16 oz."

Then she asks me if it's to go or for here. I say to go, figuring she must be talking about the donut and my muffin, because obviously the mug is to go.

After Nicolas has finally decided which donut he wants, she arrives at the counter with the donut in one bag, my muffin in another bag, and a coffee for me in a disposable cup!

Well, I tried.