Friday, July 18, 2008

From Crime to Virtue

Enjoyed this article too... From Crime to Virtue by George Jonas in the National Post.
Would I jail abortionists? No. I'd just refrain from decorating them. I think abortion is an abomination, but I've no urge to jail people for everything I abominate. I leave that to my "liberal" friends. I actually believe the state has no business in the bed-chambers of the nation, not even when they turn into death-chambers. Putting unborn children to sleep is a family matter. Maybe even born children --but let's not go there.
Actually, let's go there for a moment. In ancient Sparta parents used to toss their substandard children off a cliff called the Taigetos. Some may have done so with regret, but Spartan society had no use for physically infirm children. We find this shocking.
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