Monday, June 16, 2008

The tempest

It only lasted for 15-20 minutes.

It left 7 trucks on the Champlain bridge overturned and the Champlain bridge totally blocked for hours. It uproofed houses in Saint Blaise, as well as knocking out about 50 hydro poles. In Montreal, a couple of window washers were washing windows on a building near where Marc works. The plank they were on started to swing out, back and forth up to about a 45 degree angle, until the people in the building broke the window to pull them in.

It left hundreds of thousands without hydro, some for only hours, others, like oursleves, for days.

We found ourselves pratically back in the colonial days. Except that instead of cooking on a woodstove, I was using the barbecue and the propane burners.

Instead of fetching water from a nearby river, I was carrying water from the pool to wash the dishes, flush the toilets and yes, even wash oursleves. We bought bottled water for drinking.

At night we used candles. Although I discovered (too late) that we did have a kerosene lamp.

Heck, all that was missing was churning our own butter and spinning our own thread.