Sunday, June 29, 2008

Disturbing information about vaccinations

All Canadians need to be aware.
Action Alert June 27, 2008

CFAC supporters in Alberta, Here is some disturbing information about vaccinations. Especially the "new"wonder cure for cervical cancer - Gardasil. Read the red highlights, but this is only one of many stories about the dangers of, as reported, this mercury contaminated Merck drug that all young Canadian girls will be encouraged to take ( some places mandated to take).

The matter that parents must sign a consent form does not negate or lessen the matter of negligence the government federal and provincial (who approved this Gardasil drug), the doctors who have been in media telling how safe it is and the school administration that provide it if cases of serious or fatal reaction occur. Mercury was removed from some vaccines due to the serious illnesses they caused. Why does this contain mercury with all the evidence available as to its toxic dangers. The original source of the mercury report was a Dr. Mercola and some researchers.

I have asked you before, but if you hear of serious side effects, and perhaps even deaths related to the use of Gardasil please call us or forward to CFAC, the information. Here is the latest article below to help YOU be informed when the "consent" form arrives with your nine year old daughter ( and soon all your young daughters). If there is NO warning or mention of risks - with facts - in the information sent to you by the school we would also like to know.

Sincerely concerned, Brian Rushfeldt Canada Family Action Coalition

Rebel Scientist Battles Dangerous Vaccines and Antibiotics Dr. Shiv Chopra, as a vaccine and drug regulator for Health Canada fornearly forty years, evaluated every red-hot topic in public health. He tried, sometimes successfully, to protect the public from ineffective and harmful vaccines, genetically modified foods, pesticides, carcinogenic antibiotics and hormones used in food-producing animals, and agricultural practices that promote Mad Cow Disease.

Unsurprisingly, he was fired from Health Canada in 2004 for "insubordination" -- in other words, refusing to bow to corporate and government pressure to give a pass to unsafe substances. Dr. Chopra has now written a book, Corrupt to the Core, about his decades of struggle to have the law recognized as being above political policy.

Chopra observes that despite vaccinations, some childhood diseases are appearing with increasing frequency in the very populations that have been vaccinated for several generations. He finds it alarming that "the list of vaccines being administered to young children has been enlarged to include many more viral and bacterial infections with little or no scientific rationale."

The U.S. Center for Disease Control continues to argue that 36,000 people die annually of the flu, even though available statistics show that the true number is less than 100. Meanwhile, current research has shown that merely increasing vitamin D levels reduces the incidence of the flu by more than 70 percent.

Vaccination programs whose scientific basis is so flawed as to border on the absurd include Tamiflu, which has been discontinued in Japan because of so many deaths from sudden serious psychiatric disorders, and Gardasil, which during the first year of its use has resulted in more than 3,500 adverse events, more than any vaccine in history. Gardasil contains a whopping 675 micrograms of toxic aluminum, and one of the scientists who developed it, Diane M. Harper, warned that the vaccine had never been tested on young girls before it was released for widespread use by them.

Perhaps the worst is MMR, which supposedly provides immunity against measles, mumps, and rubella. More than 4,900 U.S. families have filed lawsuits after their children became autistic within days of getting this shot.

A second area of concern in Dr. Chopra's career was bacterial antibiotic resistance, which is wholly avoidable and caused solely by use of antibiotics in food-producing animals and the reckless over-prescribing habits of doctors. There are currently entire classes of antibiotics that should not even be on the market; Dr. Chopra fought vigorously and unsuccessfully to keep Baytril and Revelor-H off the market. They were finally banned more than a decade after his warnings because of the undeniable harm they caused.

Sources: Vitality Magazine April 2008


  1. I never knew this about Gardasil, I was going to get this vaccine as I am classified high risk but it cost $600 here for the vaccination, which is the reason I hadn’t had it done yet.
    Agree with your comments on MMR too even though my children are not autistic I believe it is possible my children’s developmental issues are from MMR vaccine as they were developing normally up until their vaccinations. Of course the doctors say it isn’t possible but they have no explanation and they tell me their developmental issues are not genetic ….

  2. I've heard too many stories about problems after vaccinations. Mine never had any problems, thank goodness, but I'm not ever going to get unnecessary vaccinations.

    Apparently in Europe, they don't even vaccinate young babies like they do here in Canada, they wait until they are at least a year old, because vaccines are so strong.

    I can't take credit for this piece by the way, I just posted it, didn't write it.