Thursday, May 29, 2008

Went to see the doctor today

It turns out that what I have are not migraines. If they were migraines, they wouldn't be reappearing every day. They'd last for 2 or 3 days then go away. Mine mostly appear mid-morning to mid-afternoon, and go away in the evenings. (After the younger kids are in bed - coincidence?) I wouldn't be able to play sports, but I am and not only that, but the headache (if I have one) usually goes away as soon as I leave for soccer. If they were migraines, I'd be lying in bed unable to function, but I've never been incapable of functioning. They slow me down, I have less energy and they are usually accompanied with fatigue, but I can still function. What's more, back when I used to be able to lie down and sleep when I had a headache, they'd disappear after a nap. (Don't get that luxury anymore.)

So what I do have are tensory headaches. Headaches due to tension and stress. Who me? Stressed out? A housewife with nothing to do all day, but watch a couple of kids, cook a couple of meals and basically take advantage of her husband's money? For those who wonder what a housewife does all day anyway... now you know that whatever she isn't doing, it's gotta be pretty stressful if it can give her regular headaches every dang day.

Doctor said he could give me a mild anti-depressant to take everyday, which would relax me and keep the headaches at bay. I declined, since I prefer not to ingest unnecessary items. Although, when you think of it, are they any worse than the advil and coffee I ingest every day to get rid of the headaches? He also said, if I were to go a more natural route, one way to alleviate the pain would be to massage the lower neck. Also, what I am doing, getting out and playing sports, is good for me. I need to go out and get a change of scenery, relax... Sounds good to me.