Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shoulder Pads

I have always hated shoulder pads, ever since I was a teenager. I finally ripped them out of the dress I was wearing, at which my mother exclaimed "Why did you do that?" But Mom, I already look like a football player!!! With shoulders like mine, I don't need shoulder pads!

I don't get why any woman needs to wear shoulder pads. Who invented the things anyway? Some feminist designer who decided that women should look manly? If you have small shoulders and a delicate, feminine shape, why in heck would you want to cover that up with something as ugly as shoulder pads? And if, like me, you already have broad shoulders and a large frame, why on earth would you want to ephasize that for? We're women. We're supposed to be the smaller, prettier, more delicate sex.

You know who should be wearing shoulder pads? MEN. But men won't wear anything that isn't comfortable. So women will wear uncomfortable stuff that makes them look more masculine, why?

Just some of the deep, ponderous thoughts I have while showering in the morning.