Friday, May 23, 2008

Life in May - Spring is in the air!

Caught these two sleeping in...
We celebrated Maryssa's birthday May 3.
She turned 8 on March 30, but it wasn't until May that we had the birthday party, because this year, we did it at a ranch. The kids all rode the horse (Benji), and had a great time. More pics on Flickr.

Nicolas likes to drink his "coffee" in the morning with Mom.
He actually gets about a 1/4 of a cup of weak coffee in the bottom of his cup, then I fill the rest with milk, so it is barely lukewarm and very diluted. I add a bit of honey, and voilà - "coffee".

Time to get out there...
... and start drinking coffee at the bistro set, from which we can admire these beautiful flowers, and more as the season progresses.

Time to get out the pretty placemats and enjoy spring...
... even when it is raining out and you have to eat in.

My Backyard in Spring:
Who needs to go camping when we can live here all year round? Love this place.