Friday, April 18, 2008

The original (untrue) story

Warning: The following contains descriptions of disturbing incidents at Yale University.

[April 17, 2008 – Alexandria, VA] According to an article published in the Yale Daily News, an art major’s senior project, which will go on display with other projects April 22, documents a nine-month process in which she artificially inseminated herself “as often as possible” and took abortifacient drugs to induce miscarriage. The installation will feature blood from the abortions and videos of the student miscarrying. She told the Yale Daily News she was unconcerned about the medical effects of the process and did not consider it necessary to consult a doctor.

“If the report of this student’s self-mutilation and destruction of her children is true,” said Feminists for Life president Serrin M. Foster, “we hope that the student gets the medical care she needs after multiple self-induced abortions.”

“We hope that Yale administrators will investigate how this could have happened, and that all colleges and universities will work to protect students who may put themselves and others in danger in the future,” said Foster.

"Where is Planned Parenthood on this? What is the reaction of other abortion advocates and providers to this story?" Foster asked. "Abortion advocates say it is ‘her body, her choice,’ so it will be difficult for them to come out against multiple self-induced abortions. But as women's advocates, they have a duty speak out against this potentially dangerous practice."

Foster noted that this was not the first “horror story” from Yale University this year.

Yale Medical Students for Choice “celebrated” the anniversary of Roe v. Wade by holding mock abortions. According to the Yale Daily News (which later deleted the article), Rasha Khoury, a medical student who plans to perform abortions, reported that when she was observing real abortions, “Often times, women [patients] are crying and cursing and saying they’re going to hell.” “You’ll be able to see [fetal] arms and stuff,” she explained, “but [they are] still just miniscule.” Khoury described an internship that teaches people how to perform abortions as “fun because you meet people from all over the country who do [abortions].”

Foster said, “The natural shock and revulsion to the art student’s alleged actions may have the unintended consequence of pushing many people toward a greater respect for life. We hope that another outcome will be greater respect for women and for our bodies.”

Meanwhile, Feminists for Life is actively reaching out to students and administrators at Yale as well as other colleges and universities nationwide.

Through FFL’s thought-provoking lectures, problem-solving Pregnancy Resource Forums,SM and FFL’s new Rally for Resources,SM Feminists for Life is redirecting a contentious debate toward responding to the needs of pregnant and parenting students.

“FFL works with those on both sides of the abortion issue and a unique group of stakeholders to transform college campuses. Together, we focus on the real needs of pregnant and parenting students,” Foster said.

Feminists for Life is a non-sectarian, nonpartisan grassroots organization dedicated to empowering women through progressive, woman-centered solutions for themselves and their children.