Monday, April 28, 2008


I don't get you. You (in general) fall in love with a girl, then get your hearts broken when she ditches you for another guy. But then when you meet a girl you like, you ditch her if she refuses to have sex with you right away. You go with the girl who'll sleep with anyone, anytime and then you wonder why she doesn't stick with you.

Had you been a little more patient, had you thought maybe the girl who wants to wait might be worth waiting for, you might have found out that she's the one who'd stick with you for life too.

In this crazy screwed up society, noone wants to wait for the one worth waiting for. With the sexual revolution, and the pill, women became the "equal" of men. Free to have consequence-free sex. Instead of making men responsible, we took responsibility away from women. Now noone is responsible. Noone cares. Women are free to break mens' hearts as much as men were free to do so before. Maybe even more so. Because now, there is no moral stigma. Everyone does what they want and it's noone elses business. Except for the psychiatrists who have to treat all the frustrated, broken people.

Hell, even the psychiatrists are in on it. I've heard them say it is THANKS TO the pill that women are equal to men.

Bullshit! That means women were NEVER equal to men? I know they weren't always treated as equal, but as far as I am concerned, we were created equal, and noone has to fix that. If we weren't equal until the pill that means hundreds of thousands of years have gone by and millions upon millions of women born who were all inferior to men. In fact, what that means is that we are all STILL born inferior to men, and can only be ARTICIALLY equal to men, through no merit of our own. Which is exactly the same as saying that we are not equal to men. Idiots.

But of course psychiatrists are making money off of all the screwed up people they have to treat. They don't want us to know any better. Things were much simpler when there were rules to follow. But noone wants to follow rules. Not when it comes to sex. We've been fed so much crap about being free that we don't realize that in fact we're just slaves, slaves to sex.

Sorry, just happened to talk to a guy who got screwed by the girl he fell in love with, the type of girl of course who would screw around (please excuse my eloquent language), and then he wonders why his heart has been broken once again. Same guy would have ditched any girl who'd have made him wait. But the girl who'd have made him wait would probably have been the one who'd have stuck around. When are you men going to GET this? And when are women like me going to get that if a man is willing to ditch us because he doesn't want to wait, well, he's the one who'll be missing out. Too bad for HIM.