Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Funny Gabriel

Just before Easter, I went to check out a sale at Reitmans. All the winter stuff was on 50% of the lowest price, which means I got three or four very nice tops for about $4 each more or less. (Plus one from the new season for about $20). Gabriel and Nicolas were with me. Gabriel had a lot of fun picking out shirts for me to try on. I'd try them on and he'd say: "Oh you look very beautiful!" The one I got for about $20, was the one he liked the best. He insisted on that one. The next day he wanted to go back to the store and find more clothes for me.

Today, while Gabriel was in pre-school, I went back for the spring sale. It's getting warm and I'm waking up to the fact that hey, I need lighter clothes in summer! So I wanted to see if they had anything nice for not too much. I found a nice tank top, and went back to the school to pick up Gabriel. When he arrived in the van, he was all upset that I had gone shopping without him! He wanted to come choose clothes for me again! Future Clinton Kelly perhaps?