Friday, April 18, 2008


In many ways, I am like any feminist. I believe in women's rights. The right to work, to fair and equal wages, the right to vote, etc, etc. I guess you could say I am a traditional feminist, such as the first suffragistes, who were also pro-life. A feminist such as the ones involved with feminists for life.

I am not a bitter, man-hating feminist who thinks that in order to be equal, we must become an adrogynous society. I appreciate men. I think men are the ones who have it hard now.

I like a dominant male. I like being told what to do, especially when it is in my best interest. Sometimes women need to be told what to do, because sometimes we forget to relax and have fun, we spend too much time doing what we think is necessary and we forget to just take a break. I had a guy tell me to put my watch away when I took it out to look at it and was going to put it on. He insisted. I complied. No looking at the time when you are spending time together. I've had another guy order me out of the house, to do something by myself, to get away for awhile, take a break. I've had another insist I come with him so he wouldn't worry about me. Oh yes, I do like a dominant male. I am coming out of the closet. I am no longer ashamed to be the weaker sex. Because we are not really. Each sex has its strong points and its weak points. We are complimentary. Not the same.

I like it when a guy wants to beat up whoever it was that hurt me. Of course you don't REALLY want them to go and do it. And of course they wouldn't really, but it sure feels good to know they'd LIKE to. My own son wanted to beat up someone in my defense just yesterday. And you know what? I am really proud of him for having that protective instinct.

You know what it is I've always wanted? It's to have a guy TAKE CARE OF ME. Not because I can't take care of myself. Just because that's how I'm wired. I've always wanted someone to lean on. And in turn I've always wanted to be there to support my man in whatever he undertook. I'm a behind the scenes girl. I'd make a great First Lady, I'd make a horrible President/Prime Minister. I'm the kind of girl who wants her man to have her on his arm as he makes his rounds. I'd smile graciously and make small talk. I want him to be proud of my appearance, and think how lucky he is to have such a beautiful lady beside him. Having me by his side makes him look that much better. I'll be his princess. My husband admitted a long time ago to, even though it may seem macho to some, being proud of having me by his side. And I know I can count on him when I need something. When I am incapable of getting what I need, my husband gets it. He is the dominant male after all. He insists until they comply. That's something he's good at. I am not.

I like men. I appreciate them. I appreciate their differences. I enjoy spending time with them. They have something women do not. They are good people. And I am very proud of the men in my life.