Friday, February 15, 2008

Men who hang on to everything...

I reorganized some things in the office the other day. I found out that Dear Husband still has floppy disks. Like for a commadore 64. Those of you over the age of 30 will remember those dinosaurs. When I mentioned this to him and told him he could get rid of them he tried to tell me his new computer would still read them.

I think he thought I meant the diskettes, so I went downstairs, got them, and showed them to him. There is no way ANY of our computers is going to read those things.

I think he still wants to keep them.

He also has diskettes with window 3.2 on them, as well as an odd assortment of other obsolete software. Anytime soon now, he's going to disinstall Windows XP and put that on instead. Because our fast, new computer will be eternally grateful to him for going back to the "good ole days".

One of these days I am going to throw out his stuff and just not tell him, and I bet he won't even notice. Or maybe I'll choose one or two of his floppies, the nicest looking ones, frame them, throw out the others, and hang the framed ones in the office so he'll have that souvenir. Perhaps it'll make him feel better about growing old and obsolete himself.