Thursday, February 07, 2008

Juana - the Queen of Metaphor

On the road of life, there are Ups and Downs and every once in awhile, a sudden intersection. I haven't hit one of those in awhile. The last time I hit one, I think I took the wrong road. I was in the Highlands for awhile, but then I hit gullies. A lot of them. My road has gone through quicksand and badlands. Found some fossils there. Which way should I have gone? Where are the mountains? I just want to soar like the eagles and be free for awhile.

From the road I am on I sometimes glimpse those peaks, but the road does not take me there. It bends and twists, and sometimes I think I am coming back to gullies I have visited before. I am so tired of the prairies. With all this open space you would think I'd be free as the antelope, but I am a prisoner of the road. I am the river obliged to flow always in the same bed.

There are days when the sun shines bright, and things seem better, except for the dust this creates on the road. Sometimes when other people go past, I can't see anything for awhile because of all the dust they've kicked up.

There are days when thunderstorms come. I am wet and miserable, but at least the dust is gone. It's turned to mud, and it cakes my shoes.

I want to know, when will there be an intersection in the road again? Will I have another chance to change direction? Which way should I go? Which way will take me to the mountains? Will the road I am on eventually get there at all?