Sunday, November 18, 2007


As much as I like to sew things, I am not a fan of mending.

Oh I don't mind simple mending, especially when it is a seam I can just turn inside out and stich up with the sewing machine. And I will attack even more complicated mending such as replacing broken zippers.

I do not mind having to replace a zipper every once in awhile, when a coat has been handed down from a few people. But when the number of zippers I have to replace starts to increase and includes new jackets that I have just bought, that's just a little too much.

Why, oh why can't the people who make coats spend the extra 2 or 3 dollars it's going to cost them on a proper zipper that will last the life of the coat instead of opting for the cheap, cheap zippers that conk out half-way throught the season? I DON'T enjoy ripping zippers out and replacing them, do they not GET this? It is so much easier to just sew the zipper on in proper order while still making the coat, than to rip out the zipper after the fact and try to get a new one in and still make it look good. DO they not get THAT?

But wait, who spends time on zippers nowadays anyways? Those clever, clever coat-making people, they KNOW...

It's a conspiracy folks, the coat-making people put the cheapest zippers out there on coats to MAKE the lazy people, the all-thumbs-don't know anything about sewing people, and the too-busy-to-bother-with-it people out there (and you know there are a lot of those) all buy new coats every time.

I think cheap zippers should be banned. There should be a law. Protect the environment from all those useless, broken-zippered coats filling up the dumps and save me the unpleasant task of replacing them with a zipper that'll last for more than a month.