Friday, April 20, 2007

When Fashion is Scary

From La Presse Actuel Mode-Beauté

I guess to be honest, anything on the runway is scary, but look at this!!! Are we headed back to the eighties? Nooooooo, please, anywhere but there... High-rise pants (I hate the things) and tight tapered legs that make you look like you are wearing tights? Oh please no! In a few years I will no longer be able to find pants with waist-bands below the belly button? And pleated jeans? Ackkk!!!

And what the heck is that flapper-girl wearing? A bright orange dress that's cut up and open to her waist so you can see her underwear? As if that weren't bad enough, she's got on fishnet stockings and over top that, knee-high white socks, and then high-heeled fancy shoes? I can see me wearing that to work. And they call this beauty and fashion. Whatever.