Monday, April 02, 2007

Tale of a Pinata

Day One

We start with balloons, for the shape of the head and the body

The paste: 1/4 cup of flour to 2 cups of water, brought to a boil and cooled down

Strips of newspaper

Day Two
Putting on the second layer

Day Six
The pinata goodies (the girls' goodie bags)

The official pinata assistant, stuffing the pinata halves

Stuffed halves

The head is on

Day Eight
We have the beginning of a nose and chin

The arms are added

End of Day eight, part of the hair is now on

Day Eleven
Most of the hair is on, looks like a Klignon!

Day Sixteen
All of the hair is on and we have added legs

Day Eighteen
The wings were added, a final layer of paper mache and a coat of gesso (primer) later and we have started to paint the pinata

Here we have the finished pinata fairy

Day Nineteen - The Birthday Party
Nicolas takes a jab at the pinata (with a little help from you know who)

It's the official assistant's turn! (AKA Gabriel)

The Birthday girl's turn (AKA Maryssa)

Dominic really gives the pinata a good beating, (note how the legs have come off now?)

Jean-Alexandre's turn to give a few good whacks

I was very tired at the end of all this. I have threatened to not do any more parties because my children expect me to do this all alone, and don't want to contribute to the cleaning and preparation. It takes them more time to complain about the chores than it takes for them to do them. And if they would stop either fighting each other (the two oldest) or playing with the toys (the two youngest) and would take even less time.

Marc had to work on Saturday, so he wasn't there to help either.

And I had to constantly stop to get the baby out of whatever new mess he was getting himself into... except when he was taking a nap.

It may take me a week of doing absolutely nothing to recover... (Do I exagerate? Hardly)