Thursday, March 22, 2007

Who to vote for?

Let's start with the easy question: who am I not voting for? The Liberals. So who is left? The Parti Quebecois, l'Action Démocratique du Québec, The Green Party, and Québec Solidaire.

Back when Jean-Alexandre was still a baby, before I had met Marc (I remember this because I remember flirting with some guy on a drive home from a meeting - nothing came of it, I never saw the guy again.) I was a member of l'Action Démocratique. I thought they had different, interesting ideas, that might just work. I still think they have interesting ideas, but I'm not so sure about how well they will work. (as some guy, fed up with both the liberals and the PQ and quoted in the newspaper today said, "Their ideas are bad, but at least they have ideas." Ha ha.) I think some of those ideas may work better than others. I also think that a lot of the criticism comes from people afraid to venture. I think perhaps we should give them a chance, and if they fail, well it's only a five-year mandate and it would likely be a minority government, so how much damage could they do? I like their politics on family. I don't like that they don't seem very concerned with social justice.

I would vote Québec Solidaire, because they are definitely more concerned by things like Social Justice, except that I'm afraid they're a little too radically feminist and all that crap for me. I haven't even considered the Green Party. Too leftist for me again.

I like the Parti Quebecois because they are (at least moderately) pro-solidarity, they have done a good job of preserving the Quebecois culture in the past, and they have had some experience governing (Which the ADQ hasn't).

So I guess it's a pretty close call between l'Action Démocratique and the Parti Quebecois. Heads or tails anyone?

Oh, and while we are on the topic of politics, if anyone is talking to Steven Harper today, could they please explain to him why it is not a good idea to threaten Quebecers with "I will only negotiate with a federalist government." Not every person who votes PQ is pro-soverenty. A lot of them just want a government who will defend Quebec's interests. Which are not always the same as the rest of Canada. The PQ has a good track record in this area. Threatening Quebecers to make them vote other other than PQ will not endear yourself to them, not even to those who were already planning on voting for a different party. Does he really not get this?

Edited to say: I belatedly realize that he was not actually threatening to refuse to negotiate with the PQ, but merely stating the obvious, that any provincial government would have to not be planning to become sovereign because what is the point in discussing funding with a whole region that will no longer be under your juristriction? There would be no more funding for us anyway, were we to leave. Therefore, nothing to talk about. My apologies to Mr Harper.