Saturday, March 17, 2007

Moving up

It's not that the satellite phone hasn't been up and running, the real reason why I haven't posted here in awhile is that basically things have been going well, and nothing extraordinary has happened. It's like they say, no news is good news. Or like Tolstoy said about all happy families being the same and unhappy families having the ineresting stories... or something like that.

Unless you count that I have moved my hut halfway up the volcano. I found a level spot on higher ground that would accomodate a hut and moved there instead. The monkeys don't hang around there so much and there is a waterfall nearby. It is just above the abandonned monastery.

I still come to the beach. I have to fish for food sometimes. But the wind doesn't blow so hard in the new hut, and the rain doesn't get in like before.