Thursday, March 29, 2007

A glimpse into my life:

Here's a photo worth a million words. It says a lot about me. Ironically, I will now add some comments, because not everything may be immediately obvious.

* I did not want to buy this shirt. It was a sacrifice, for Lent. Because at Lent you are supposed to give up things, and/or make charitable donations. So I gave up money and I donated to Feminists for Life. It's not my fault they sent me this lovely T-Shirt in return.
* I am a feminist. Albeit a moderate one. And I am pro-life. And no, this is not an oxymoron. Check it out here.
* I am a homemaker. Look at me in the place I spend the most time (besides in front of the computer- ha ha), the kitchen. A messy kitchen by the way, because 1. cleaning is not my number one priority and 2. I always seem to have a bunch of things going on at the same time.
* I'm an artist. Check out the pinata in the making behind me. Also, the angle of the shot in this picture (self-posed, in case you couldn't tell, hah!)
* I have kids and I love them to death... because I go out of my way to make stuff for them (pinatas) every single birthday...
*Oh and I'm a hairdresser too... look, my hair is done and my makeup is on! :)

That pretty much sums me up. Except that nowhere in this picture is it obvious that I am also athletic and pretty much crazy about soccer. Unless you note the shoulders on me...