Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I have sent in my order...

... for genuine moose hide gloves.

I have been wanting to replace the leather gloves I have now with ones that actually fit. The ones I have were a bit tight when I bought them and they didn't have any larger sizes, so the lady told me they'd stretch. What she didn't tell me is that gloves that are too small for you do absolutely nothing to keep your hands warm when it is very cold. In fact I could almost swear that my fingers keep warmer without them on! So I was talking to my sister Rose Anne the other day and mentioned that I would get some made in Moose Factory, except that I didn't know if I could actually depend on anyone to get them here. She reminded me that our brother Cecil is going next week. So I called him up and put in an order. (These ones are from the North West Territories though, not from MF)