Monday, February 26, 2007

Homemaking Meme

Aprons (Y/N): Um, I think never. I don't think I even own an apron.

Baking (Favorite thing to bake): muffins

Clothesline (Y/N): I think there used to be one here, before the previous owners put in a swimming pool. There isn't one anymore. But I wouldn't mind having one. If we could figure out where to put it.

Donuts: Chocolate or boston creme/canadian maple at Tim Hortons

Every Day (One homemaking thing you do every day): get kids up in the morning, get them fed and off to school, (well weekdays anyway), um I'm not sure there is any one thing I do every single day... but there are things like cook supper that I do almost every day.... wash clothes, load/unload dishwasher...

Freezer (Do you have a separate deep freeze?): Yes and when we go to get meat, it is full, but right now we are due to get more, so it is mostly empty.

Garbage Disposal (Y/N): No

Handbook (What is your favorite homemaking resource?): mom, friends and the internet

Ironing (Love it or hate it?): hate it, but have to do it on a semi-regular basis because Dh doesn't do it, and his shirts need ironing for work.

Junk drawer (Y/N) (Where?): Uh, used to have one, now it is a junk pail (not enough drawers in this house)

Kitchen (Design and decorating): we re-painted, using the similar colours, except that the ceilingis a fair bit lighter now, we kept the valences and the border. Which are a kind of burgandy/gold pears and apples theme. The floor is a kind of brownish rose ceramic and was laid by the previous owner. New fridge and stove, new dishwasher (well, was new 3 years ago) Kitchen and diningroom is open

Love (What is your favorite part of homemaking?): Uh,... staying at home with the kids.

Mop (Y/N): Y but not often enough.

Nylons: Only with a dress

Oven (Do you use the window or open the door to check?): The window mostly, but also open if not sure

Pizza (What do you put on yours?): I have to have meat, pepperoni is not a must, but it must have some kind of meat, ground beef, pepperoni, salami, sausage, whatever.... I have to have bacon, and onions, I also like black olives and mushrooms

Quiet (What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment?): either nap, read a book or go on the computer, (mostly the computer)

Recipe card box (Y/N): No, just a bunch of books and papers floating around

Style of house: Pre-fab, about 25 years old now I guess. Three bedrooms upstairs and one in basement. 2 bathrooms. We are not done decorating yet. Did a lot of painting, the whole second bathroom in the basement and the boys room which is not done yet. Huge yard, which I love, pool and patio...

Tablecloths and napkins? bare table except on special occasions

Under the kitchen sink (Organized or toxic wasteland?): neither, or both, whichever you prefer. It isn't really oragnized but it's not a mess either... and it could be a toxic wasteland, there's a lot under there... but it is also baby-proofed... or was until one of the plastic things broke.

Vacuum (How many times per week?): maybe once or twice... some weeks not at all... I am not very consistent when it comes to things like this.

Wash (How many loads of laundry do you do in a week?): With five kids? Uh, anywhere from 5- 10 loads

X's (Do you keep a daily list of things to do and cross them off?): NO, but I probably should, maybe I'd get more done

Yard (Who does what?): Marc mows the lawn, I do a lot of the pruning... Marc does more of the pool care, but I do some too... gardening? Mostly Marc again, although I do some

Zzz's: Need more of 'em